How Artificial Intelligence Creates Magic?

Presenting AI in the simplest and interesting way

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AI makes our machines more interactive and intelligent. It improves the quality of the product with its significant speed, accuracy, and precision. It has vast potential in advancing the machines, that’s why it opens the gates for infinite possibilities in technology.

Arthur C. Clarke() in his book, “” stated that

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

There is no doubt AI surprises us with features that are not less than a magic. It makes all machines smart and automate repetitive work efficiently. This is the reason, many companies and software industries are embedding AI into their technologies.

Let’s see some more magical advancements through Artificial Intelligence in various industries:

1. Autonomous cars run on the roads without any human intervention. This technology is improving day-by-day with the advancement of artificial intelligence.

2. Businesses are tracking their sales using AI. It provides suggestions to improve the quality of products using customer experience and data.

3. The health industry can implement AI into their machines which helps them in early diagnostics of diseases with advanced technology.

4. Electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops become more intelligent by making themselves human friendly and interactive. Using Artificial Intelligence, they detect false authentication into the systems and ensures security.

5. Video streaming platforms recommend videos based on customer feedback and video seeing habits. This is only possible with the help of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence.

The list goes on. AI is so close to us that we can assure our future in safe and smart hands. To understand more about it, first, understand what basically artificial intelligence is. For that in this article we cover topics:

· What is artificial intelligence?

· How machine learning and deep learning are related to AI?

· Investment of companies in AI

Pretty less. Right? You will understand everything important to AI through this.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In short, artificial intelligence makes your application more advance which can interact to solve complex problems. AI uses extensive data and information and processes it through developed algorithms.

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Algorithms are specially designed to solve different kinds of problems. Then, processed data resulted in useful output, which adds to the advance feature.

Artificial Intelligence uses machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to master intelligence at the highest level possible.

You probably have read many blogs where terms — AI, ML, and DL are used interchangeably. This makes you think how they are associated and what’s their role in AI?

Let’s understand it in a simple way using diagrams.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

How Machine and Deep learning are related to artificial intelligence?

Machine Learning and Deep Learning are known as the subsets of AI. We can also say that both, ML and DL are the means to achieve AI.

First, let’s understand Machine Learning most simply with an example of a baby.

If you teach a baby about animals, what you tell him?

Ø You will show him a dog, cat, pig, cow, buffalo, etc.

Ø You tell him to call them animals because they are different from us

Ø Give them some more reason to call them animals, such that they have tails, paws, and big ears.

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A child will learn how animals are different from humans and why they are called so and feed this information in his mind. Next time when you ask he recalls his memory and tells you this is an animal.

In the same way, we train machines to recognize certain input data and make them learn certain features to differentiate from others. Feeding similar kind of information to recognize their features, makes them learn and identify accordingly.

Similarly, Mobile phones use machine learning, where they are fed with information on various objects, speeches, and languages. When they get input related to the already inserted information, they identify it by looking into their memory. The main purpose of ML is to make machines to learn by themselves based on the provided data.

On the other hand, deep learning is machine learning, but the difference lies in the way it processes the information. Here algorithms are developed which mimics the human brain. The human brain has a network of neurons and they transmit signals through them, similarly, we develop an artificial neural network that helps in transferring information quite fast.

If you want to know more about it, .

Dr. Michael J. Garbade has explained well in his .

“DL can automatically discover the features to be used for classification, ML requires these features to be provided manually.

Furthermore, in contrast to ML, DL needs high-end machines and considerably big amounts of training data to deliver accurate results.”

It stated that you need to provide data manually in the case of ML but DL is capable to discover the features automatically. But DL needs high-end machines and lots of training data it would be difficult to implement DL properly. That’s why ML is built to overcome it.

Depending on their capabilities and different technologies, we need either ML or DL or both to achieve artificial intelligence.

Thus, making ML and DL as a base, we can climb the mountain of artificial intelligence to make our machines smart enough to interact with humans.

Investment of companies in AI

From the past two to three years, many renowned companies are investing in artificial intelligence. Companies like Google, Amazon, Tesla, and Netflix are way ahead in satisfying their customers with their intelligent applications. Even the Baidu and Alibaba, (revenue generated companies of china) invested huge amounts of funds in building good artificial intelligent platform.

If you are good at analyzing statics and figures, also have good knowledge of the stock market, you can check the due to its increasing demand.

Let’s see how companies have implemented Artificial Intelligence.

1. Netflix

Today Netflix is the largest online video streaming platform with approximately 150 million subscribers worldwide. But do you know what forces its customers to subscribe to it, every month?

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Netflix applies Artificial intelligence with big data and machine learning to give unmatchable experience to its customers. It first records the user’s suggestions by enquiring about their interest. Later on, with the user’s activity, their smart technologies record all the data and by applying the best AI algorithms they recommend the relevant movies according to their likes and interest.

So what Netflix does with AI:

· Understand its subscribers

· Recommend new movies

· Auto-generate thumbnails

· Streaming optimization

Seems interesting?

Understanding its customers and suggesting videos according to their taste, bound people to watch things more and more on. It makes them regular subscribers.

2. Tesla

Tesla produces autonomous vehicles driven by electricity. It introduced the selfless driving concept in its cars. Using NVIDIA chips, Tesla has made its own AI hardware that eases the manufacturing of advanced machines.

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Embedded sensors in the car, collects extensive data that helps in planning the maps and identifying the obstacles in the surrounding. With the help of a machine and the deep learning vast amount of data get processed. Then, output defines paths and directions to be followed by cars.

3. Google

Google uses artificial intelligence to make its products smarter. Every other product in Google is AI-based. Google’s speech and image recognitions largely build on deep learning.

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Google Home and Google assistance on the phone is the perfect example of artificial intelligence.

Google also introduced TensorFlow, which is an open-source platform, effective in building machine learning models. One can learn, setup, and deploy machine learning projects using it.

Using it, you can also deploy your project anywhere. Know more about Google itself uses TensorFlow for building many types of AI applications.

4. Amazon

Amazon is a good player in applying AI to its shopping portal. It suggests products to its customers according to their needs and searches history.

Recently, Amazon also opened a cashier-less grocery store. It is totally based on AI where it can automatically detect what the customer has picked and add the item to your virtual cart. When they leave the store, their cart gets checked out automatically using their added payment mode. The grocery store is amazing. .

5. Microsoft

Microsoft has applied AI successfully in its applications:

Ø HealthNext Initiative: Using Artificial intelligence and cloud computing, Microsoft invests in the health industry, which aims to create health care innovations.

Ø Microsoft Office 365: In the Microsoft Office suite, applications are embedded with advanced features with the use of AI.

For example, ‘Ink Analysis’ is the feature that allows you to convert your handwritten text and drawings into a professional-looking slide of PowerPoint. Similarly, you can use this feature in MS word.

Ø Cortana: Cortana is known as “Your personal productivity assistance”. It is available in Windows devices and Microsoft apps. It has effective speech and language recognition with the help of AI which helps its users to be more productive and organized.

In this way, Microsoft is heading its way actively in the field of AI, to generate advance and useful intelligent products.


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NVIDIA is leading in AI by making deep learning chips and investing early into it. It is that the market of chipsets for deep learning will increase from $1.6 billion to $66.3 billion from 2017 to 2025. NVIDIA has already embarked its journey to dominating the AI market for the .

Nvidia produces AI graphics processors and chips which aids in extra computing power which is necessary for driving numerous algorithms in achieving artificial intelligence. That’s why many major companies are collaborating with NVIDIA to entrust their intelligent work.

For example, TensorFlow is Google’s deep learning frame provided by NVIDIA that enables users to program GPUs.

There are many more companies that are developing their products using AI.


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